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Since 1949

Come Join the Fun

Then... Photo from 1950 And now... Current photo

Every June Kissimmee Boat-A-Cade embarks on a trip. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and camaraderie that is available by boat as you cruise the lakes, rivers, and intercoastal waterways.

You'll see several species of birds, animals, and aquatic life as you make your way along the trip.

During the past 66 years Kissimmee Boat-A-Cade has travelled the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes and River, the Florida Keys, both Florida coastlines, and ventured as far as Charleston, SC and Biloxi, MS.

You can read about it, hear people talk about it, even find thousands of pictures of it. But nothing compares to sitting on the deck of a boat floating through water and being part of the Kissimmee Boat-A-Cade.

Contact us today for information on how you too can be a part of this great event that has been taking place for 6 decades.