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June Boat-A-Cade 2015

This year’s cruise went from St. Augustine, FL to Hilton Head, SC. We had 15 boats ranging from 22 to 34 feet in length. We also had several grandchildren cruising with us ranging from 7–14 years old.

On Friday (June 19th) we all met at the Conch House Marina in St. Augustine. The Crandall’s were a drive in. They came for the evening festivities and then sent us off in the morning. We all joined together for appetizers, drinks, and dinner at the restaurant. A "captains meeting" was held on the dock. The captains split up in 4 groups (according to their cruising speed) where they were able to meet their group leader, the rest of their group, and go over the upcoming cruise (reviewing charts, gas stops, etc.). Those groups consisted of Ron’s WarriorsFlamingosThe Ducks, and Crookers.

Saturday (June 20) Pam’s Paycheck pulled out early that morning. They hit something coming up from Daytona the day before. They towed the boat to Jacksonville to be repaired and rejoined us at St. Simon later in the week. The remaining 15 boats went on to Jekyll Island. A beautiful cruise, no problems. We arrived at the Jekyll Harbor Marina and when everyone was settled and docked, some went for a swim, others went for a bike ride, while some just relaxed. Most of us had dinner at the restaurant.

Sunday (June 21) Our longest day to Hilton Head, SC - 115 miles. Miss Ann IV always ran on the outside, so they were up early. It was a clear day and very warm. Our first breakdown was Half Fast. Sand in the motor. Richocet helped get that problem fixed. Nauti Dog was further up the waterway with an overheating problem. Turned out, it could not be fixed. Half Fast had joined us while attempting to get Nauti Dog going, and while idling, had an outdrive problem that could not be fixed.

Lady Eileen was also down with a drive belt problems. So, while being towed back to Jekyll by Sea Tow and accompanied by Penny’s Loafer, who also had a small issue and wanted to go back in, stayed with Lady EileenHalf Fast and Nauti Dog were towed to a ramp by Pelicans Roost and $andollar.

After about a 10-hour day, 10 boats made it in to Hilton Head just before dark. We were greeted by the Freemans from GA, who drove in to join us. We were all very tired and hot, so showers and dinner and later, some very good ice-cream was enjoyed by many.

Monday (June 22) Stayed in Hilton Head. A day of rest, biking, shopping, swimming and enjoying all that is offered at Sea Pines Resort. That evening we all met by the boats for Docktails. The kids enjoyed the manatees, which were right by the boats. The adults enjoyed getting to know one another even better.

Tuesday (June 23) more fun at Hilton Head.

Wednesday (June 24) On to St. Simons Island, GA, our return trip home. Beautiful day. Run was smooth. Lady Eileen was still in Jekyll waiting for boat parts. Penny’s Loafer and Pam’s Paycheck were able to join us at this location. It was getting dark and we got word that Pelican’s Roost was being towed in by $andollar due to a fuel pump issue, which was resolved and continued with us. We received a call from Top Shelf - he ran aground in Savannah, which led him to pulling out there. A surprise drive-in visit by the Weeks from Alabama. We all got together and had dinner at the restaurant in the Morningstar Marina.

Thursday (June 25th) Another day at St. Simon. Thanks to Mike Weeks who drove groups of us into town for shopping, eating, and taking tours. Some stayed at the marina and swam. A day of rest. Miss Ann IV provided wings for our second Docktail party. The rain came, but did not dampen our spirits.

Friday (June 26th) On to Jacksonville to the Palm Cove Marina. Finally, Lady Eileen was able to join us. Most of us had a nice swim at the pool, and then we all ate at the restaurant.

Saturday (June 27th) Our last night and back to St. Augustine where we started. This is the night of our traditional banquet. Top Shelf drove in to be with us. Each group leader got up and talked about the trip. One of our groups entertained us with a song, all while enjoying a wonderful meal.

The Bent Prop Award went to Pam’s Paycheck. The Queen & King of Boat-A-Cade awards were awarded to Nancy Schack and Kenny Moore. These awards go to the two individuals who espoused extra friendliness and helpfulness during the cruise.

Sunday (June 28th) Everyone left to go home. This is the first year we have ever had this many breakdowns, but we are thankful for all the boaters in our group that are mechanical and can lend a hand.

Happy Boating!!!